Supporting the Prez. Mr. Rem Dawg

Although I am new to blogging here, I have a long history as a professional blogger.
 I agree dog years move quicker than human ones, none the less, because of this, I feel that my month as a blogging sensation on the world wide web are equivalent to several years of human experience.

With that said even though I feel that I,Buddie the dog, should have been president of Red Sox nation, I am graciously conceding my defeat to Mr. Rem Dawg.
I also promise to offer him my full support from one fellow canine to another. I do not mean any “cattiness” when I point out that even though his canine status is only honorary, we in the canine world have the utmost respect for him. We know him to have some of the most respected  canine values.  He is loyal, amusing, fun to play with and loves to have his belly rubbed.
Do not worry Mr. President Rem Dawg, there is no shame in admitting that you are a proud member of the belly rubbing club.
Just remember if you ever have an opening in your administration for a top notch security specialist, I Buddie..Buddie the dog, Dog of mystery am!

Now onto the business of Red Sox nation.

Honestly humans back off poor David Ortiz! I know he is only batting .111 right now, so what?  He might be getting off to a slow start this season but as you can see by his performance in tonight’s game, he still got the batting magic.
Big Papi has always pulled through in a pinch and I see no reason to believe he  won’t do that again!
The Red Sox are in first place in our division and it is okay for big name players like Papi to have  a slow start once in a while. 
From what I can see, he is literally just getting started and I have no doubt that he will continue to be a solid player and a major contributor in the line up.

As a matter of fact I am so sure of Big Papi’s continued success that I am going to name him-
Buddie the dog’s honorary K-9 of the game!
Yes, I know, it is a big honor! I am sure that Mr. Ortiz will be so honored that he will have his people contact my canines to make sure that he will be present at the awards ceremony.

So for doing what you do best and shutting up your critics, Big Papi this bone is for you!
Signing out from an undisclosed location this is Buddie…Buddie the dog, dog of mystery and literature, signing out until next time!  Peace, flea-free zones and Bow-Wow to you!



    buddie that was good now only if you could stop peeing in the house and not running off you would be all set…..

    vita the diva sends her love

  2. Buddie

    He,He, so you let out my deep dark secrets?
    What are you a Phillies fan?
    Tell Viti my love hold tight, till we meet again!

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