The retirement of Ted William’s “Kid” Nomar garciaparra

I Buddie, Buddie the dog, dog of mystery and baseball, although at times it does feel like it is the mystery baseball..anyway..have been on a long sabbatical..ah yeah, that word. But now I am back and raring to cover all things baseball.

This week my chargers were in sunny Orlando, Florida when we received the news that the Red Sox organization had signed Normar Garciaparra to a minor league contract. My doggie senses were highly suspicious of this acquisition. Anyone that has followed Garciaparra’s career knows, he is not the minor league type.

It was no surprise then when this announcement was followed up by a press conference where Garciaparra announced his retirement from Baseball. He stated that his long time desire had always been to retire as a Red Sox.

I Buddie the dog, was not even a pup in the litter when Nomar came on the scene and quickly became the face of our beloved team, who at the time, was struggling to come into its own.

Garciaparra’s work ethic and demeanor quickly won over Red Sox nation as well as one of our most iconic New England legends, Ted Williams.

Mr. Williams even took to calling Garciaparra the kid and felt that Nomar had a lot to offer the world of baseball and mostly the Red Sox fans…and that he did;

Garciaparra went on to maintain a .313 career batting average, with 229 homers and 936 RBI. In 8 years with the Red Sox (96-04) he played in 1434 career games before departing to the left coast and the A’s half way through the 04 season.

While many sportscasters will cover his stats, accomplishments, injuries etc. I Buddie just want to comment (or is it barkment?) one major point and that is how much I love my Red Sox even more now.

Good, bad or indifferent, as the reasons were under which Mr. Garciaparra left in 04, the point is, deep down inside he has the heart of a Red Sox; and for Red Sox nation to accommodate his desire to retire as a member of our club speaks volumes to the type of organization we are.

It brought a tear to my eye, well if I could cry, cause tough Buddie dogs do not cry and there is no crying in baseball anyway!!!

Where was I? Oh yeah it was emotional to see Garciaparra’s press conference as he spoke of his time here in Beantown and to see him in his old jersey was a thing of beauty.

Whether Garciaparra’s stats will be enough to see him into the Hall of fame with his beloved mentor Mr. Williams is a debate best left for another day.

But for now I Buddie the dog am wishing Mr. Garciaparra, who is still a young pup of 36, a long and happy retirement as a sport analyst.

So today’s Dawg of the day award goes to Mr. Garciaparra, for all you have given us in the game of baseball this bone is for you!!!

So here I go again, signing out from an undisclosed location in Sunny Orlando, wishing you peace, abundant belly rubs and a free-flea zone until next time..keep those emails coming!!!



Sending best wishes to my main Dawg Remy

It was with a heavy heart that I received the news that my number one Dawg Remy had taken a leave of absence due to illness.

For those of you that do not know, Remy and I are tighter than two puppies in a litter of twelve.

Okay so maybe he does not know that, YET; but none the less there is no other human that we canines love or care about more than our Remy.

Gerald Peter Remy, or Mister Prez. Dawg as we affectionately refer to him in the canine world is Fall River’s and for that matter one of Massachusetts favorite sons.

Remy was drafted in 1971 by the Angels and then traded to the Red Sox in 1975. Suckas!! ha, ha!!

 This started an amazing 10 year career in bean Town.  Bill James, in his Historical Abstract rated him as the 100th greatest second baseman of all time as of 2002.

We Bahhstan fans know that we have enjoyed Remy’s colorful and entertaining game commentating since 1988.

To be honest we in canine Red Sox nation have a tough time watching Red Sox games when Remy is not commentating! We love you too Donny O!

Who can forget such funny antics like Mister Prez’s air guitar performance? Or the time that the game was such a blow out in our favor, that Prez Remy and Don Orsillo were flying paper planes from the press box??

Is it any wonder that we elected Remy the first president of Red Sox nation or that he was inducted into the Red Sox hall of fame in 2006?

I, as the official representative for all canines everywhere, well at least for me and my beloved Vita, want to wish Mister Prez Remy Dawg, a speedy recovery.

We wag our tails in excited anticipation for your return to the commentator’s booth as soon as possible!

Red Sox nation aint the same without your sense of humor and baseball play-by-play expertise!

So for my main Dawg Remy, this bone is for you!

Back up already! I gave up on finding another catch-phrase, what are they going to do, sue me? I am a dog for pete sakes!

I cannot wait to have my Remy Dawg back.

Ah, in the meantime you think you could have your peeps at your hot dog stand hook me up? You know to make sure the quality is up to par while you out?  Seeing as how we cleared up that whole “hot dog” contraversy?? Come on Prez, can you hook a Canine up?

Anyway, yeah, this is Buddie, Buddie the dog, Dog of baseball signing out from an undisclosed park until next time.

Over and woof! Have a flea-free day!



Buddie the dog’s fan of the week

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Red Sox fan of the week

In light of tonight’s game being postponed due to the wicked psycho New England weather I Buddie the dog, usually dog of mystery but here dog of Red Sox nation have decided to use this time to catch up on my fan mail.

Before I get started with the fan mail I would like to announce this week’s winner of the Fan of the week contest.
This fan, though small in stature, is huge in team spirit! So much so that he decided to be born during last year’s Championship run of that other wicked good team we have here in New England.

Here he trades the Kelly green to showcase his die hard loyalty to Red Sox Nation!
He hails from the city of brotherly love but comes from a long line of loyal BoSox fanatics.

Little E, or Tiki Pants as he his affectionately referred to by his loving family, likes long walks in the park, vanilla yogurt and hanging with my beloved Vita and me at his Grammy JJ’s house.

For his great sense of fashion and loyalty to Red Sox nation, this Bone is for you, Tiki Pants!

Okay on to the mail…

Bob from Dot wants to know if I feel the Sox can do it again this year?

To Bob from Dot, yes I feel as long as we can stay healthy and focused the Red Sox will do amazing this year.
The other thing that needs to happen is that Jacoby needs to stop thinking so much about what he thinks people expect from him in the majors and just go back to being the rookie happy to be in the big show. His performance has suffered lately because mentally he is second-guessing his talents and abilities. Ellesbury needs to get back to the formula that made him such a dynamo on the PawSox and during his first year in Boston.
With the rest of our line up Youk, Lowell, Pedroia and company Red Sox nation should be in for one doggone good season!
Thanks to Bob from Dot for writing in, and here is hoping that the weather cooperates for tomorrow!

This is Buddie, Buddie the dog of all things Red Sox signing out until next time and this Bone is for you, Red Sox nation!!
buddie with softball 2.jpg 

Disregard the softball I have no idea how it got there!!

No worries, be hopeful!

I know a lot of you all are worried yet again cause the Red Sox have dropped a game or two, or three. But not to fear!

The boys of summer are just going through a little spring fever and pretty soon those bats will be roaring and the pitching will be humming, and….is that a car I hear..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Where was I? Oh yeah, the Red Sox.

You know what, so we dropped a couple to a team named the Angels! So what do you expect?
 With a name like that they obviously have a big guy behind them and I don’t mean Tony Reagins, neither, you know what I mean?

Then they were so close tonight with Tim Wakefield getting a no-decision in the 11-inning, 5-4
loss to the Rays. Weren’t they called the Devil Rays before?
There see another heavy hitter in their midst! And you wonder why we couldn’t produce on all the scoring chances we had!

No Worries Red Sox nation, I Buddie, Buddie the dog, dog of mystery, have all the confidence in our boys!
Pretty soon the only thing to worry about is where we gonna put that other piece of hardware!

Anyway Big Papi is looking better everyday, Manny is being Manny, and hopefully Beckett and Lowell will be all healed up pretty soon!
Honestly Bean-town the only thing missing now is me, Buddie the Dog, side by side commentating like with Mr. Prez Rem Dawg.
Ah, I can see it now. Mr. Prez  sharing his witty satire and commentary and me enjoy peanuts and crackerjacks! What could be better? A Fenway frank, maybe?

What? What do you mean they call them hot dogs? What kind of sick, twisted person would eat a hot dog? What? Oh, he, he, I knew that! Do not be ridiculous of course I knew they were made from beef!
What beef comes from where? Seriously Dude you are wickedly grossing me out here!

So today for the true blue doggie effort shown by Mr. Tim Wakefield, I Buddie the dog name him the K-9 of the game!
Mr. Wakefield for all you do, this bone is for you!
Yeah I know, I am working on it! Give me a break for Pete’s sakes I am a dog. A smart dog at that, but none the less a dog. I am working on a slogan of my own!

Anyway this is Buddie, Buddie the dog, dog of Red Sox nation signing out from an undisclosed location. Peace, flea free-zones and bow-wow to you!

Go Suffolk University Rams!!!


Red Sox nation, Pedroia is on fire!

Finally I have been proven right! I, Buddie, Buddie the dog of mystery, has argued for dog years that the leaner, faster more versatile baseball player was the way to go for the Red Sox. The way Pedroia has been performing is a huge testament to the power and ability of the player who is more compactly built!

I can attest that due to my light physique and streamline stature that I can run the bases in record time! I can catch a pop up in lightning speed! Unfortunately the pop in my bat needs a little work and the blatant discrimination against canines in the majors has kept me from making it to the big show! Mr. Prez Rem Dawg, can you help a canine out?

Of course, everyone assumed that because of this, to say the least, I was just being bias.

But the reality is, look at past examples!

Who can forget the “dinobot” antics of Jose Canseco in the outfield? True, once in a great while you would see the explosive bat hit one over the wall, but did that make up for the errors in the outfield?
Even I, as a canine, was embarrassed for Canseco when the ball dinged him in the nugget before going over the wall!
 Honestly, dude, my cousin the pekingese could have caught that one!
With the whole steroid and juicing controversy as well, it seems that the day of “real” ball players is long over due.
Players like Pedroia, Ellsbury, and Lugo, to name a few, bring a new excitement to Major league baseball that I felt had been lacking for a while.

With their explosive speed, amazing aerobatic catches and just plain athletic ability it makes for some awesome baseball highlight moments!

I am glad to see that maybe Major league baseball might finally realize that this is not the NBA, you do not need players that are all over six feet plus or 200 plus pounds to win world series!

Granted there are players that have the height and the mass while still being agile. But judging a player by their height before even seeing their playing ability is just plain bad business sense.

Red Sox’s hot shot Theo Epstein definitely has the right business savvy by developing players in our own farm system instead of paying big bucks to another organization for the finished product.
In reality is it not better to groom players to our organization’s specifications and philosophy instead of trying to re-mold them after someone else has tried to train them their way?

I know that J.D. Drew is a great player, but in all honesty has he really been worth the money the Red Sox paid for him?

I know I know, everyone struggles when they first get to Fenway. I myself find it a tough park to run around in!
I have heard it all, about the wall, the crowd, the configuration of the park. But I would rather have a rookie who is making less that 250K struggle at Fenway, than someone with the endless zeros attached to their paycheck!

Yes I know I am just a dog, what do I know? Well, I know enough to say that Mr. Epstein is a baseball marketing and rookie grooming genius!

So today Mr. Epstein and Mr. Pedroia, I Buddie, Buddie the dog, dog of mystery, name you two, the K-9’s  of the game!
For all you do, this bone is for you!
I better get my own slogan, before those equestrian  types start trying to sue me!
Anyway once again signing out from a top secret undisclosed location, this is Buddie, Buddie the dog, dog of mystery and baseball. Peace, flea-free zones and Bow-wow to you!

Supporting the Prez. Mr. Rem Dawg

Although I am new to blogging here, I have a long history as a professional blogger.
 I agree dog years move quicker than human ones, none the less, because of this, I feel that my month as a blogging sensation on the world wide web are equivalent to several years of human experience.

With that said even though I feel that I,Buddie the dog, should have been president of Red Sox nation, I am graciously conceding my defeat to Mr. Rem Dawg.
I also promise to offer him my full support from one fellow canine to another. I do not mean any “cattiness” when I point out that even though his canine status is only honorary, we in the canine world have the utmost respect for him. We know him to have some of the most respected  canine values.  He is loyal, amusing, fun to play with and loves to have his belly rubbed.
Do not worry Mr. President Rem Dawg, there is no shame in admitting that you are a proud member of the belly rubbing club.
Just remember if you ever have an opening in your administration for a top notch security specialist, I Buddie..Buddie the dog, Dog of mystery am!

Now onto the business of Red Sox nation.

Honestly humans back off poor David Ortiz! I know he is only batting .111 right now, so what?  He might be getting off to a slow start this season but as you can see by his performance in tonight’s game, he still got the batting magic.
Big Papi has always pulled through in a pinch and I see no reason to believe he  won’t do that again!
The Red Sox are in first place in our division and it is okay for big name players like Papi to have  a slow start once in a while. 
From what I can see, he is literally just getting started and I have no doubt that he will continue to be a solid player and a major contributor in the line up.

As a matter of fact I am so sure of Big Papi’s continued success that I am going to name him-
Buddie the dog’s honorary K-9 of the game!
Yes, I know, it is a big honor! I am sure that Mr. Ortiz will be so honored that he will have his people contact my canines to make sure that he will be present at the awards ceremony.

So for doing what you do best and shutting up your critics, Big Papi this bone is for you!
Signing out from an undisclosed location this is Buddie…Buddie the dog, dog of mystery and literature, signing out until next time!  Peace, flea-free zones and Bow-Wow to you!